“Today It Rains” comes as a welcome bestowal from a team of artists plowing new and interesting terrain, just as its subject did. It seems ripe for adoption by opera companies nationwide.”

“…boasts a richly evocative score by composer Laura Kaminsky and a libretto by Mark Campbell and Kimberly Reed that at its best offers a deft mixture of humor and pathos.”

“Much…is due to the inventive charm of Kaminsky’s music, which keeps finding new sonic possibilities with economical resources. A series of jangly percussion interludes, a vocal quartet serving as a gentle, sweetly blended Greek chorus, a lush string chorale at just the right moment — all of these and more serve to underline key dramatic points with delicacy and skill.”

“With its themes of self-realization, art and gender…the subject packs a lot of material into a tight chronological space. Like the rail travelers themselves, this is a piece that is closely confined while still keeping an observant eye on the emotional and physical vistas all around.”

San Francisco Chronicle, March 29, 2019.