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Repeat Performances, Jaime Robles, “Flight unfastens your musical seatbelt”

For All Performances, Victor Cordell, “Flight – an Opera”

SF Classical Voice, Ilana Walder-Biesanz, “OP Delivers a Timely Revival of Jonathan Dove’s Flight

The Opera Tattler, Charliese Tiee, “Opera Parallèle’s Flight

Opera Parallèle's 2017 production of Flight. L-R: Catherine Cook, Maya Yahav Gour, Eugene Brancoveanu, Renée Rapier, Amina Edris, Hadleigh Adams. Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo.

Catherine Cook, Eugene Brancoveanu, Amina Edris, Hadleigh Adams, Maya Yahav Gour, and Renée Rapier in Flight at YBCA, Feb 2017


The Lighthouse

SF Classical Voice, “Thrills and Chills at The Lighthouse”, “The Lighthouse considers an unsolved mystery”

Stark Insider, “Wrapped fog lighthouse makes perfect music review”

Opera Parallèle's The Lighthouse with David Cushing, Thomas Glenn, and Robert Orth

Thomas Glenn, Robert Orth, and David Cushing in The Lighthouse at Z Space, May 2016


SF Chronicle, “Champion Fuses Jazz and Opera in Boxing”

SF Classical Voice, “Champion Delivers Emotional TKO”

The Bay Area Reporter, “Inspired Portrayal of a gay Champion”

Opera Parallele and SF Jazz's 2016 production of The Champion. Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo

Robert Orth, Kenneth Kellogg, Arthur Woodley; Photo by Steve DiBartolomeo

Heart of Darkness

SF Chronicle, “A Shadowy Plunge into Heart of Darkness”

SF Classical Voice, “Opera Parallèle Shines a Light on Heart of Darkness”

Bachtrack, “Singing the Heart of Darkness: Tarik O’Regan’s opera premieres in America”

Opera Parallèle's Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness – photographer Steve Di Bartolomeo

Dead Man Walking

SF Chronicle, “‘Dead Man Walking’ Review: Spare and Moving New Staging of Opera”

Bachtrack: “Dead Man Walking returns to the Bay Area”

The Opera Tattler: “Opera Parallèle’s Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking - Michael Mayes, Jennifer Rivera

Dead Man Walking – photographer Steve Di Bartolomeo












Culture Venture, “Anya17, SF”


Anya17 – photographer Steve Di Bartolomeo


Mahagonny Songspiel and Les mamelles de Tirésias

SF Chronicle, “Weill/Poulenc Pairing a winning combo”

SFCV, “A Theater of Parallels at Opera Parallèle”

SF Examiner, “Opera Parallèle Synthesizes Weill and Poulenc into an Uber-Narrative”

Les mamelles de Tirésias and Mahagonny Songspiel - photographer Steve Di Bartolomeo

Mahagonny Songspiel and Les mamelles de Tirésias – photographer Steve Di Bartolomeo

Trouble in Tahiti

SF Chronicle, “Trouble in Tahiti” Review: Bravo Bernstein

StartInsider, Opera Paralléle wins again with “Trouble in Tahiti”

SF Clasical Voice, Bernstein’s Trouble Is Our Joy (Review)

Trouble in Tahiti

Trouble in Tahiti – Photographer: Steve DiBartolomeo


San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Ainadamar’ review: Uncommonly vivacious

Mercury News, Ainadamar … Confidently Executed, Classy

San Francisco Classical Voice, Riveting Reverie: Opera Parallèle’s Ainadamar

New Music Box, Opera Parallèle Presents Golijov’s Ainadamar

Ainadamar - Fountain of Tears Principals

Ainadamar – Photographer: Steve DiBartolomeo

The Great Gatsby

San Francisco Weekly, Ensemble Parallèle’s The Great Gatsby: A Newly Accessible Opera About Striving for the American Dream

Opera Tattler, Ensemble Parallèle’s The Great Gatsby

San Francisco Civic Center, Ensemble Parallele’s The Great Gatsby

High Score New Music, Harbison’s “The Great Gatsby” with Ensemble Parallèle

New Music Box, Ensemble Parallèle Tackles Harbison’s Great Gatsby

Opera Magazine’s review of Ensemble Parallele’s The Great Gatbsy

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby – Photographer: Steve DiBartolomeo



San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Orphée’ by Philip Glass review: triumphant

San Francisco Bay Times, Orphée: Spellbinding!

Stark Insider, Ensemble Parallèle wows the opera community

San Francisco Weekly, Ensemble Parallèle: Small Company Stages Big Production

Opera Tattler, Ensemble Parallèle’s Orphée

The San Francisco, Ensemble Parallèle brings Cocteau’s surrealism to the opera stage

Civic Center, The Triumph of Ensemble Parallèle’s Orphée

The Eastside View, Two operas: Orphée, Nixon in China


Orphee – Photographer: Steve DiBartolomeo



San Francisco Classical Voice: Operatic Heaven From Hell

San Francisco Chronicle : Opera review: Ensemble Parallèle’s ‘Wozzeck’

The San Francisco Examiner: Wozzeck opera as film noir from San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Opera Tattler: Review of Ensemble Parallèle’s Wozzeck

The Reverberate Hills; or The Apotheosis of the Narwhal

Performance Photos of Ensemble Parallele's 2010 production of Wozzeck

Wozzeck 2010