San Francisco Bay Area Premiere
February 2011
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Jean Cocteau’s 1949 film Orphée
Conductor: Nicole Paiement
Director: Brian Staufenbiel

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“Orphée Triumphant!”
- San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco’s own Opera Parallèle created a production of Orphée wove cirque acrobatics, kinetic staging, and floating film projections into a cohesive, surrealist tapestry. Hailed as “triumphant” by the San Francisco Chronicle, Orphée was “Ravishing and delicate, haunting and playful, somber and romantic… the production fused story, music and stagecraft into an engrossing evening of music theater.”


Orphée 2011

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Ensemble Parallele's 2011 production of Orphee

Orphée 2011



Orphée: Eugene Brancoveanu
Princesse: Marnie Breckenridge
Heurtebise: John Duykers
Eurydice: Susannah Biller
Cégeste and Reporter: Thomas Glenn
Poet and Judge: Philip Skinner
Police and Commissaire: Cole Grissom
Aglaonice: Brooke Munoz

Cirque Artists
David Poznanter
Marina Luna
Ajina Slater

Michael Strickland
Charlie Lichtman
Michael Harvey

Ensemble Parallèle 2011 production of Orphée.  Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo, Westside Studio Images.

Orphée 2011


Conductor, Nicole Paiement
Director/Production Designer, Brian Staufenbiel
Video Artist, Austin Forbord
Set Designer, Dave Dunning
Lighting Designer, Matthew Antaky
Costumer, Christine Crook
Wig and Makeup, Jeanna Parham


Orphée 2011