Mission and Goals

Opera Parallèle’s Mission

Opera Parallèle presents compelling performances of contemporary operas with high musical and dramatic standards, embracing modern aesthetics, creative use of technology, and social relevance as essential to the future of the art form. Opera Parallèle’s interactive educational programs are dedicated to engaging increasingly diverse communities.

Opera Parallèle‘s Goals


  • Perform challenging works composed since the 20th and 21st century that are relevant to our time.
  • Perform our annual program and events in appropriate venues where audiences have an intimate experience of the singers, staging, and orchestra.
  • Develop the core artistic team required to achieve high performance standards.
  • Commission new orchestrations for chamber versions of important operas that retain the artistic integrity of the original works, but make them more accessible and vital.

 Culture and Community

  • Be a driving force establishing a new culture engaging audiences with contemporary opera.
  • Build an audience that draws on the diverse cultures of our area, recognizes the special qualities of our performances, regularly attends our productions, and participates in our development process.
  • Provide year round opportunities to experience new works in development, including:
    • Presenting ideas, trends, and practices that are changing operatic performance.
    • Showcasing composers, performers, and directors who are contemporary opera trailblazers.
    • Offering contemporary workshops, readings, and performances.


  • Build a professional staff and volunteer organization with the expertise and funding to support our goals.
  • Support the staff and operations necessary to meet our goals and maintain a high standard of performance.
  • Develop a board of directors capable of raising the funds and with the advisory board, provide the volunteer expertise to guide and supplement staff efforts.
  • Develop partnerships with parallel organizations to collaborate on projects; share in expenses and promotion; and to reach new audiences.
  • Maintain financial and legal standards at the highest level of public accountability.