Opera ParallèleImpactCampaign

Opera Parallèle is a beacon of contemporary opera, delivering top-tier artistic excellence through innovative productions. We create opera that speaks directly to the pressing issues of our time, sparks dialogue, challenges assumptions, and inspires action. Approaching our 15th anniversary in 2025, we’re fueled by unprecedented opportunities, building on years of artistic achievements, critical acclaim, and exciting new partnerships. To propel our mission, we’re launching the $4 Million Opera Parallèle Impact Campaign (OPIC), that will empower us to:

  • Expand performances across the Bay Area and beyond to amplify our influence
  • Develop robust infrastructure and retain skilled teams
  • Cultivate a loyal base for fiscal stability amidst evolving arts landscapes
  • Establish a powerful brand highlighting our artistic strength and vision

Now is the time to seize this unprecedented opportunity and usher in a new era for Opera Parallèle. Join us as we elevate contemporary opera to new heights and shape its future for generations to come.