Opera Parallele, Heart of Darkness, Nicole Paiement, Jon Altemus tusk

Artistic Director Nicole Paiement holds a handcrafted tusk at the Open Rehearsal

Opera Parallele Heart of Darkness River Water Cooler, created by Shannon Healy of Alley Twenty-Six

Marlow’s River Water Cooler

A large crowd enjoyed our open staging rehearsal last Friday, which featured the Matt Kish art installation, our special Heart of Darkness cocktails, and some choice excerpts showcasing the opera and the spectacular production. These were followed by an informative Q&A with the artistic team and cast! Our audience left with a better sense of what goes into making an OP production, and with eager anticipation of the performances.




Look at some photos from the Open Rehearsal by clicking on the gallery below.  Photos by Steve Di Bartolomeo.

Heart of Darkness Open Rehears