As we embark upon presenting the Bay Area Premiere of Golijov’s opera Ainadamar, we want to uphold our goal of engaging our audience with compelling new works. One way we do this is by bringing the story to life with the creative use of new technology. The rich symbolism found in Ainadamar’s libretto will be enhanced by the use of dramatically integrated video. Recent breakthroughs in video mapping make it possible to project images on any surface or shape. For example, by filming cast members in advance, when the three men confess before their execution, we will project faces of activists and martyrs, Jesus and Gandhi, on Lorca’s face. The sets, a floating stage of perforated steel, evoke the parallel levels of heaven and earth and allow us to explore new dimensions of lighting with our projections. Integrating this technology costs time and money and ticket sales only account for a small percentage of our productions. We rely on the kindness of our supporters to bring these elaborate productions to the Bay Area. With each Kickstarter Donation, it will bring us closer to the further development of our intricate video design. Your generosity can contribute to our mission of engaging audiences with contemporary opera! Contributions of all sizes are welcome and appreciated.

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